152) Rinnie Eats Breakfast and Takes a Shower
posted Feb.26.13 at 02:00 am
Been a pretty slow week for us. Leslie's been doing comics, I've been working. Leslie's going fishing with her dad today, I'm gonna come home from work and play the PC port of Brutal Legend (and maybe write a script or something). We're making pretty good progress on our whole three-updates-a-week thing, and I think we might be able to start attempting that maybe next week. We definitely don't want to move as slow as we did with the last chapter. Luckily, we've been able to do these pages pretty quickly, so EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
ANYWAYS, so Brutal Legend. The PC port came out yesterday, at a super cheap price and a lot of PC-only enhancements. I bought the game when it first came out on consoles and did pretty much everything there is to do in the game (except find the 200 serpents. I found 199.) But yeah, not many people liked the game, and I can understand why. It's one hell of a bait n' switch from what seems like a basic hack'n'slash to a heavy metal real-time strategy game. It's also kind of short, many people just don't like metal culture, and hell, just don't like Jack Black. Me, though, I loved the game. Loved it to death. I thought the RTS elements were handled well and I loved the atmosphere of the game. This environments are just fantastic, and each character is great and memorable (even Jack Black). And though I'm not a huge metalhead, I really do love rock culture (as you can tell from our very own adult webcomic) and was super into everything this game had to say about metal. I hope the game does much better on PC, because console players mostly hated it and didn't buy it, and I think that's just shitty. It's not the best, but it's a damn fun game and I hope more people give it a chance and see just how much love was put into it. 
Honestly, I think I'll forgive pretty much any game's flaws if it's obvious it was made with ~LOVE~
But that's enough from me. See you guys next update!
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