148) Sappy Valentine's Day
Posted February 13, 2013 at 02:00 am

 Alright, alright, so there wasn't nearly enough nudity compared to last year's, but at least you got some side-boob for Mardi Gras!

Leslie and I already celebrated our Valentine's with a romantic steak dinner and some chocolates. But unfortunately, she has to go do some family stuff for the week, so Blaster Nation's going to take a little break until the 24th of this month. But when we get back, we're going to be kicking ALL OF THE ASS. Blaster Nation's getting some pretty heavy promotion as I'm sure you've noticed, so Leslie and I need to step up our game! We're going to work towards something we never thought would be possible!

THREE updates a week! YES! Now, that's kind of a huge workload so it's going to take some time to build up. Like say, a month. We'll keep updating within that month of course, but we're going to build up as HUGE of a buffer as we possibly can so that when we're ready for three a week, we'll have a little bit of breathing room! It's going to be tough as all hell to keep do three BN's a week and still have time for a couple Rock Cock pages, but I think we can handle it! We're finally getting up into the big leagues of webcomics, and if we want to stay there, then we gotta keep this roll going! YEAH

That's all for today, though! See you guys in a week! Happy Valentine's!