2) The Return of the Soldier
Posted February 4, 2011 at 03:55 am

Do you know how hard cars are to draw? I don’t, obviously, considering I don’t draw. But Leslie on the other hand, dear lord. The human body? No problem. Eldritch abominations? Hell yes, she’ll draw it. A Dodge Stratus? She’ll flip her art table across the room and pout, because apparently, boxes with wheels make her want to go van Gogh on herself. Do you think there’s a childhood trauma lurking behind it all? Like, her family was gunned down in a dark alley by a coked-out Ford Escort just trying to get enough cash for its next fix? Luckily, we negotiated a deal where she would only draw this comic if we gave all the cars really stupid faces on them, and we all pulled through. She’s now doing speed-sketches of human anatomy figures, hoping to get all of the car out of her system.

Next comic should see some of the other characters in this show, so hopefully you guys will like them. Speaking of which, I should probably start advertising this comic so that when I refer to “you guys”, I’ll be referring to actual, physical people.

EDIT: Also, since the comic is still so relatively small and unknown, I decided to allow comments. Now, if you want to say anything about the comic, just say it! I might have to approve them, but don’t worry, I’m not stingy on what I allow as criticism. If you have more to say than just “ur comic looks lik butt”, then say that shit!