23) Goodnight Everybody
Posted July 17, 2011 at 11:24 pm

And so ends the second chapter of Blaster Nation.

Leslie and I are now officially on vacation! A vacation that involves a month of rapid-fire drawing and writing as we try to churn out as many buffer comics as possible. Basically the exact opposite of a vacation. Don’t come looking for us, we’re already dead.

Anyways, still looking for guest comics to fill the void of this month without updates. Go back to last week’s blog post so you can learn all the details! We need AT least four guest comics, but if we get more, we definitely don’t mind posting additional comics per update. Basically, if you draw it, it will probably be posted unless it’s just completely shameful.

And with that, we’re off! If you wanna keep up with how we’re doing, check our twitter/facebook/tumblr/etc.!

Tune in next month, when Matthew Palmer returns from his training on King Kai’s planet! Can he possibly stop Frieza in time?!