238) Ruining the Moment
Posted November 2, 2013 at 02:00 am

Warning: The images presented in this comic do not reflect the final version of HuniePop.

GOAL FOR THIS CHAPTER: Actually make it a shorter one. I tell myself every time, I'm gonna make whatever chapter we were working on a short one, but it always ends up dragging on forever. But this time, we're aiming to get it all done and uploaded before our wedding on December 14th! Can we do it? YES! Will we do it? PROBABLY NOT. But it's nice to have goals. 

Anyways, after this chapter, after our wedding, probably at the beginning of 2014, Leslie and I really want to get back to work on Rock Cocks. It's a project we love so much and it hurts so much to leave it on hiatus. But between Blaster Nation, Slipshine, and Rock Cocks, something has to get reduced down. So, we really want to cut Blaster Nation back down to two updates a week. That'll let us get at least one Rock Cocks page a week, plus work on Slipshine. It basically frees up a lot of time. We can concentrate more on Blaster Nation, make better pages, etc. It'll slow things down, but I think it'll turn out better for it. Voice your concerns or support, people!

That's all for tonight! See you on Wednesday!