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Posted January 12, 2014 at 02:00 am

And thus, another chapter comes to a close. This one was actually kind of short! Next one's going to be a bit longer but infinitely more fun and sweet. You guys'll like it.

Anyways, WAIT A SECOND, SOMETHING'S DIFFERENT ON THIS SITE! Have you noticed it yet? Scroll back up! Look around near the top of the page! Yes, that's right! We've finally got ridden of the store link that went to nowhere. BUT ALSO THERE'S A STREAM PAGE!  Yes, Leslie and I now have a twitch stream RIGHT ON BLASTER NATION! We're not streaming right now because we're kinda busy, but at any point we do, our header will tell you that the stream is LIVE! Come back tonight, where we'll probably play a game or something! We'll announce it on the usual social sites so you don't miss it!

We've also got some other great things planned for RC, Slipshine, and maybe even some site renovations in the works! In fact, I'mma get started on those now. See you guys on Wednesday for the next BN chapter!