262) A Door Closes, Another Opens
Posted January 16, 2014 at 02:00 am

Sorry about the colorless page, today was just TOO productive! We busted our butts doin' a ton of work today, both me and Leslie! I got a bunch of stuff written, Leslie got a bunch of stuff drawn, we did good all around! Sometime mid-tomorrow, we'll have the colors up. These are some good-lookin' inks though, huh?

Streaming-related news: Been talking to Elgato support to figure out how to fix this audio stutter I'm getting when doing PS3 gaming streams. Since it seems to only happen on PS3, though, I think we might try some PS2 or Gamecube streaming tomorrow evening! I've got a ton of really stupid games I just gotta show off! 

Oh, also, I'm really glad to see a lot of hype for the return of Derrick and Hai! These guys are really fun to write, and it's definitely a nice break from the normal cast. Just like the last Derrick and Hai chapter, we're gonna see a lot of new characters and some other returning cast. All in all, I think this'll be one of the most interesting chapters yet! 

That's all for tonight. See you on the stream, or at least on Sunday definitely! 

EDIT: Colors uploaded!