6) All Quiet on the Western Front
Posted March 6, 2011 at 06:06 am



Sorry this one took so long. But on the plus side, Leslie finally accomplished the one thing she set out on doing with this comic since we’ve started. She finally got to use the chalk brush plugin in photoshop.

Well, it’s been a good six comics, but now that we’ve finally hit our goal, I really see no reason to continue. Thanks to everyone on my Steam friendlist for being such loyal readers, and a big shout out to our parents at home who maintain every right to be offended at the harsh language and sexuality!

Joking aside, the plot’s finally kicked back in and we’re finally going somewhere with this comic. There’s even a subtle hint of worry in Matt’s expression! Did you catch it? I certainly didn’t the first time! I mean, there’s boobs and stuff on the page, there’s way more important things to focus on.

Stay tuned next week for boobs! Everywhere! On every panel!