12) See You in the Morning
Posted May 5, 2011 at 09:35 pm

EDIT: Originally this comic had Kim nipples, but because they didn't really add anything to the comic and hurt us rating-wise, we went and sneakily editted them out. So you may see comments nipples and stuff below. Sorry!

Good to be back. Leslie and I are both resituated. No longer living together, but that’s how it is when you have no money. We’re still in constant contact with each other, though, so the only thing it will hinder is the amount of, ahem, physical contact we get with each other. The comic will be okay!

But we got a lot done in our off-time. We got some advertisements up, so hopefully more people will know we exist. We might set up a link page so people can use our banner on like, messageboards and stuff. If you request it, we’ll probably do it! I’m also thinking of putting up a little blog section so I can write, but it seems kinda sad to do it when we have so little followers. Sure, we have these segments you’re reading now, but I can’t really post new blogs without a new comic without fear of RUINING EVERYTHING. So bring your friends and maybe we’ll have reason to put more stuff up!

Anyways, we’re back to our regular schedule. Expect new comics every Sunday once again. And be sure to follow us on twitter and deviantart so you can see what we’re having for breakfast every day! Hint, it’s probably Reese Puffs.