13) The Breakfast Club
Posted May 8, 2011 at 03:32 am

Not gonna lie to you. That last page was pretty awkward to keep up for a week.

Anyways, new comic! We’re proud of this one. Leslie experimented a lot with this one. For instance, we’ve got traditional inking going on and we actually drew the speech bubbles. Which didn’t work out quite as well as we’d hope because we forgot to fit them around the actual words. But we’ll plan for that next time.

But last week, we actually hit the most amount of viewers we ever had! 800 unique viewers. We’ve finally reached a fraction of Questionable Content’s audience size, and I couldn’t be any prouder. I love you guys.

Tune in next week when Dan just can’t seem to find the right set of squirrel keys. Remember, you’re looking for a Southern Flying Squirrel key, Dan.

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!