364) Palmer and Son
Posted January 2, 2015 at 12:00 am

Wow, look at that punk-ass kid.

Not much to talk about today! In fact, I gotta keep this blog post short. Leslie's gotta use my computer to do some coloring (for some reason, her replacement computer doesn't quite do colors right). Soooo, I'll just go over the most important shit!
Well, you might notice our new button on the sidebar...that's right! We have a Patreon! Now, it's mostly focused on our other NSFW comic because A) RC won't be making money for awhile and needs something to keep itself propped up and B) We personally think that it might do better than either a Blaster Nation Patreon OR a Patreon centered on just us. But don't be alarmed! It doesn't mean we'll be ignoring Blaster Nation to do RC! In fact, it's the exact opposite! The biggest and most important milestones are both Blaster Nation related! If we can make enough money a month, we'll be using it to hire an assistant to do inks (and in the future, colors) for Blaster Nation, which means BN can update EVEN MORE. We can FINALLY go back to three updates a week FOREVER. And all that workload being taken off of Leslie means that RC can update faster, too!
So please, even if you're not too into rock n' roll porn comics, consider tossing a dollar at us! It's a monthly charge and you can cancel whenever you need to if something comes up, and we've got some cool shit for you if you want to donate! 
Thank you guys so much! See you on Wednesday!