363) Moving On
Posted December 31, 2014 at 12:00 am


Don't got much to talk about. We're cracking back down on our other NSFW comic (you know the one), so now we're running two comics simultaneously...again! Which means Blaster Nation's going back to two updates a week. I know, we didn't exactly do three-a-week updates much. We didn't expect to get our asses knocked out by the flu. But hey! We'll be launching our Patreon pretty soon (along with starting up RC updates again), and one of the goals for that is to hire an assistant to help us get Blaster Nation updating more! Look forward to that.
Not much else has been going on. Just a lot of writing and drawing and coloring. I've gotten a little bit of free-time to play some video games. Leslie got me Guilty Gear Xrd, which is fucking great. Slayer, my old main, is as beastly as ever, but I love some of the new characters. Bedman is a smug piece of shit that plays like Wolverine and looks like a purple smear moving at the speed of sound to fuck your face. Elphelt is pure waifu material and a better gun-fighter than Noel ever was in BlazBlue. The roster is solid as hell, but man, am I missing Johnny, Bridget and Baikan. Can't wait until fucking Guilty Gear Xrd 2nd Impact at the reasonable price of $50 next year.
Our roommates also bought some games that I've been playing around with. One of them is Captain Toad, which is sickeningly cute. A little on the easy side though and I'm worried I'm blowing through it too fast, despite collecting every gem and doing every secondary goal on each level. I'm only at episode two though, so maybe things will ramp up. Second game is Hyrule Warriors. It's pretty fun. Standard Dynasty Warriors-fare, so it's automatically addictive on premise alone. The Zelda-style items don't really add as much as I hoped, but the weapons and playstyles are varied and fun. Wish Groose was playable, though. Also, there's a scary amount of content in this game. They shoved so much shit into it. I don't know if I'll ever get around to seeing it all.
That's all for today! Speculate away on this chapter cover! See you on Friday!