Christmas 4) Christmas Wishes
Posted December 28, 2014 at 02:00 am

Haha, we stayed up until 6:00 AM getting these inks done, what the hell is wrong with us.

Yeah, Christmas is over, but whatever, it's still an alright premise for a comic. I love doing one-shots like these. TOO BAD FOR ME THOUGH, BECAUSE WEDNESDAY KICKS OFF THE NEXT BLASTER NATION CHAPTER. This is the risky, experimental chapter I was warning you guys about. Now you'll see if you guessed right about what the chapter will focus on (protip, you're wrong, and it'll be all the better or worse for it!).

Christmas itself was a blast, though, really. We had to spend it far away from our families, which sucked. But we had you guys keeping us plenty of company throughout the Christmas synchtube, watching some of the greatest pieces of Christmas entertainment ever created. Leslie and I still woke up on Christmas morning with presents for each other, which was nice. You can see what we got here! Just, uh, don't look too much into what Leslie ended up getting. She's got weird taste, unlike me, the man who got Donkey Kong Country the CG animated French-Canadian TV sing-a-long.

That's all for today! See you on Wednesday!