1) One Day in the Life of Matthew Palmer
Posted January 27, 2011 at 02:00 am

So, I guess we should introduce ourselves.

I’m the writer, Brad. The artist for this comic is Leslie. Chances are, I’ll probably be writing the majority of all these blog posts since Leslie is deathly afraid of talking to anyone ever. She’s a great girl of course, but a social butterfly she is not. But never fear, curious newcomers, I will gladly be your host for the entirety of this webcomic.

Here in our little sanctuary under the crushing weight of the actual comic itself, we will discuss the latest happenings in the world around us, we’ll discuss the activities that we are currently involved in, and who knows? Maybe we’ll even talk about our own comic at some point. Like the above comic, for example. For all you expecting a grimdark future for this comic, you’re sadly mistaken. This will probably be the only comic we do in this style. Keep in mind, one of our goals is to experiment with this comic and reference a great deal of art styles and really push our artist to the limit, but if we ever hope to keep a schedule, then we’ll have to put this gritty realism shit on the backburner and focus more on this adorable (easy) cartoon style. Although I thought this art style was fun to watch, Leslie broke three fingers attempting this art and had to be rushed to the nearest free clinic. I don’t really get the problem. It was pretty easy to write “draw a giant horde of Orks stampeding amidst their vessels of war”. Why would it be that hard to draw? Tch. Artists.

So yeah, by the end of the comic, we were feeling a little drained. There’s some problems here and there, but y’know, for a first page in a webcomic series, I think we could have done a lot worse, right? But please, do keep reading. Next comic, we’ll learn a little about Matthew Palmer and what’s going on in his world. But please note, Matt is NOT the main character of the comic. He’s just the first. You’ll meet the rest of the cast eventually, but for now, we’ll just work on Matt.

Oh, and please excuse us for the very shoddy look to this site. When I say we’re new, I mean we are literally tiny babies that have been tossed into this dangerous and scary world of internet webcomicing. Just stick with us for a bit while we work out the kinks, and please, feel free to drop us a line to tell us how we’re doing and what we could be doing better. You can find our method of contact in the section labeled “Staff” up top.