Posted September 20, 2016 at 11:31 pm

Blaster Nation began in 2011 as a way for Leslie and I to kill time as we desperately searched for new jobs. Never in our lives did we think that this comic would last one year, let alone five. Hell, maybe that's kind of evident now. Seriously though, Blaster Nation has been a wild ride for us, and hopefully for you, too. This simple slice-of-life comic about horrible nerds has resonated with so many people across the web and changed our lives in ways we could never imagine. This has been an amazing experience and we have so many people to thank for this. Buckle up, baby, because we're starting this credits roll with the special thanks.

Thank you Chron for setting up this site way back when. I don't know what you're doing now, but I hope you're doing well.

Thank you Lemonfont and Andromalin for being our first webcomic allies and helping us so much in our early days.

Thank you Joseph Stillwell for being the greatest boss we could ever ask for and supporting us all these years.

Thank you Chloe C. for recommending us to Jojo in the first place. Such a kind gesture has changed our lives so much, and we'll always be thankful.

Thank you Erin BurtIsabelle MelanconMegan Lavey-HeatonKisai, and all Hiveworks staff that have kept this site afloat this entire time. Couldn't have done anything without you guys.

Thank you Drew Mears, Toebone, Cameron Towne, Andrew Janson, and Gautam Behal, our greatest fans. 

Thank you to all of our great guest comic artists: KevfuChalmers & Vorked, Megan Beals, Mr. HoisingtonJeanne ThortonSimon DickieZack MorrisonScottyLouie & BradKyattTalonEthan CattTavo DuarteZack Turner & Josh BreidbartEric Flint, and Psudonym & Gunwild. Good luck on all of your projects.

Thank you Freeglass for your awesome inks and guest comics. You were a dream to work with.

Thank you Nalem and Spanio, both for the terrific guest comics and for being the best roommates we've ever had.

Thank you Nerfnow for being such a big fan and showering us with weird Ash-related fanart.

Thank you to all of our real-life friends who served as the inspiration for these characters. You know who you are, and you know you're the best.

Thank you Maggie, Leslie's greatest friend and our unofficial mascot chihuahua. We hope you had a wonderful life.

Thank you to our families, for supporting and reading this comic even when it's weird and gross. Hopefully one day we'll make a comic that makes sense to you guys. (Not the adult one though, don't read that)

Thank you /co/ for...well, being /co/.

And of course, our biggest thanks to the most important person of all...


Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for helping with our Kickstarter. Thank you for telling your friends. Thank you for buying our stuff. Thank you for laughing at our jokes. Thank you for cringing at our characters' embarrassing moments. Thank you for getting wrapped up in their drama. Thank you for telling us how much you liked our comic. Thank you for pointing out what was wrong with it. Thank you for getting involved. Thank you for your fan art. Thank you for your fan fiction. Thank you for loving, hating, and/or relating to Matt, Dan, Kim, Rinnie, Ash, Derrick, Hai, Melissa, Curt, Jenny, and Tort. Thank you for stopping by our synchtube parties and streams. Thank you for all the time you've spent with our comic. Thank you for following our lives across these five years.

Because of you, we were able to quit our jobs and do these comics for a living. We started a crazy successful Kickstarter and had our very own book printed. We got married. We started a second comic. We left our hometown and moved to beautiful northern Kentucky. Our lives have changed so much, all for the better. All because of you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

This isn't goodbye, obviously. Leslie and I want to do comics together forever. We'll still be updating The Rock Cocks until completion, but if adult comics aren't your thing, then you won't have to wait long for our next, more worksafe comic. Hopefully, we'll have figured out how to do better endings by then. Either way, we hope you'll continue to follow us throughout our comic-making lives. Please, feel free to follow us on tumblr and both of our twitters. We're always happy to answer questions and keep you updated on everything we're working on.


Well, this is it. This is the end of the blog post. Hell, I doubt I'll ever do another blog post like this again, unless I really wanna bitch about a video game on tumblr. Thanks for sticking with me through all these incomprehensible blog posts of mine, but I'm afraid the crazy train ends here. I suck at goodbyes, but then, like I said, this really isn't goodbye at all, is it?

See you on our next comic!


- Brad and Leslie Brown

  Blasting off