posted 08-31-2014 at 12:00 am

Rinnie retreats into her castle to write several articles about how Fanfiction Readers are dead and then calls them big poopy babies on twitter. #ReaderGate

Hey, so ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! Blaster Nation will be dropping down to two updates a week (Wednesday and Friday) throughout this month, possibly up to October so that Leslie can have time to:

  1. Draw Kickstarter commissions
  2. Draw her demon story for Slipshine
  3. Draw a seven-page comic exclusive to an awesome Kickstarter backer
  4. Draw ROCK COCKS
  5. Attend Cincy Comic Con next week, Sept. 5th - 7th! WE'RE TABLE B-12 GO STALK US

I know that's probably a bummer for some of you guys but man, seriously, we got some work ahead of us. Mostly Leslie. The problem with being just a writer is that I can get my work done really quick in advance, while art takes time and effort. Writing, I can just poop out. Poop. Finished script, it's done. I'm pretty far along in both Rock Cocks and Blaster Nation scripts, so I'm mostly just doing flat-colors for Leslie.

So here's all the video games I've been playing in-between flat-coloring:

Akiba's Trip: I love how seriously the game treats its premise. Often the best way to do a joke is to play it completely straight. The writing is great, character designs are cute, but there's a fuckload of loading times and it doesn't play quite as smooth as I was hoping it would. At the very least, it's not a purchase I absolutely regret. Would be fun to stream, too.

Lethal League: THE HYPEST GODDAMN THING ON STEAM RIGHT NOW, GO FUCKING BUY THAT SHIT. I've been interested in it ever since I witnessed it dominate the UFGT9 Mystery Game Tournament grand finals, and boy, has it come a long way. The premise is simple: basically extreme dodgeball, but with a baseball, bats, and the ability to break the sound barrier. It's intense, it's simple, it's ridiculously fun, and the music is fucking great. If you liked Divekick, you'll love the SHIT out of this. 

I've also been getting into Payday 2 again since a generous dude gifted it to me on Steam. I played a bit when it was free on PSN+. God damn, it's so much better on PC. 

That's all for today! See you on Wednesday!

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