posted 10-23-2014 at 12:00 am


I promised a big ol' review of Senran Kagura for the Vita, but man, I still haven't beaten it. I've gone through two of the four schools PLUS their own individual character missions, but that just means I'm only halfway through the goddamn game. There's a lot of content. A lot of kind of repetitive content, and not a whole lot of unlockables to keep it interesting. Still, it plays well. You level up kind of quick though, and it kind of makes it a little on the easy side on normal difficulties. Bumping it up doesn't help all that much until you hit the later levels, too. I do love the writing in this game, though. Even the cutest, weirdest, or kinkiest characters have some surprisingly strong characterization and backstory (the actual kind, not the booty). I like the game, just wish there was a little more to it to make it perfect. Yozakura is the best new girl.

Today, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse released on the eshop and I have been playing that shit nonstop. I'm at the second-to-last island unless there's any other secrets in store, going for 100% completion. Let me tell you, this is EASILY Wayforward's best work. Shantae is more Metroidvania now more than ever, in a good way (if it's even possible for there to be a Metroidvania in a bad way). Gameplay is tight and the writing is hilarious. One of the few games to make me laugh out loud in a public place. Got some weird looks at the laundromat. While I did like Risky's Revenge, it always felt a bit rushed, like it was half a game. Pirate's Curse doesn't feel like this at all. It feels like a full-fledged title. I'm surprised it didn't get a physical release (do Metroidvania's ever get physical releases these days?). So much love has been crammed into this game. If you want a break from Smash, go get it. 

Tomorrow, we're gonna go pick up our preorder of Bayonetta 2, so expect some bloggin' about that later. I also got Touch My Katamari on the Namco PSN sale for Leslie, and she's been loving it. YOU CAN DRESS UP THE KING OF ALL COSMOS. Perfect game, 10/10. We also caught the Smash direct. You've probably figured out by now from my tweets and tumblr posts that my life basically revolves around Smash Bros. That will not change with the Wii U version and in fact, it will only get stronger. 8-PLAYER SMASHES. GREAT CAVE OFFENSIVE STAGE. KID ICARUS COMMENTARY (GOD I HOPE HADES RETURNS). RIDLEY'S TOO FUCKING BIG. But best of all, online tournaments and two players on the same console being able to go online and fight. ARE YOU PREPARED TO FACE LESLIE AND I TOGETHER ON THE BATTLEFIELD?! When Smash Wii U releases, expect a LOT of streaming. I'll be taking on fans with and without Leslie, arranging and streaming tournaments, and I'll even just stream myself beating up random people for fun. Hell, maybe I can arrange a fight between other webcomic creators. I JUST WANT TO SMASH PEOPLE.

That's all for today. SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY.


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