posted 07-24-2014 at 12:00 am

Laaaaate page. Leslie had some major backpain the other day. So severe, she couldn't even sit in her chair without it being real painful. She was stuck laying on the couch the entire day, where I pampered her shamelessly. Luckily, she's feeling all better now! We think she just pulled a muscle or something doing intense Wii Fit U yoga. Shit's more of a workout than you'd imagine! Gonna take a break from that for a few days so Leslie doesn't pull anything again.

Since we were so late with this, our next update's gonna be Sunday. Just one more week until we start going back to our normal three-day-a-week updates! I'm gonna have to start busting ass writing. All our time has been taken up doing comic revisions and shit (which we should be finishing up real soon!).

That's all for today, though. Leslie and I are finally going to watch The Raid, a movie I've been trying to track down for fucking EVER. See you on Sunday!

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