posted 04-22-2015 at 12:00 am

Yep, that's Dan alright.

So, this comic was actually all Leslie! Inks and everything. Sadly, our last Patreon take was a bit short. Several declined cards. That, coupled with some ridiculous taxes we have to pay this year meant that Federico's going to have to take a little break for the rest of the month. We're still going to try and do two updates a week! And an RC update or two. And get our Kickstarter rewards wrapped up. So much work.

Speaking of Kickstart, WE'RE NEARLY DONE. I'll be sending out a Kickstarter update about this later, but not counting people who haven't actually sent us their address, we only have 25 MORE BOOKS TO SEND OUT. WE'RE SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE. All the $30, $40, and $60 tiers had their stuff sent out. We just have the $80 tier and up to finish, which isn't a lot! They ARE, however, the more complicated tiers. Got to figure out how to send books and posters and shit without the shipping costs absolutely murdering us. It'll be alright, though, these books are going out no matter what, don't you worry about that. 

Oh, and if you haven't notice, we have a store button on the site now! The three 11x17 Kickstarter posters are now up for sale for $15 each! They're big, they look great, they belong on your wall. Go check them out! Eventually, we'll have the book on there too, so we'll let you know when that happens! (Note: If you backed the Kickstarter at $80 or more, don't buy the posters! You'll be getting yours soon enough)

That's all for today, though. SEE YOU ON SUNDAY

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