Blaster Nation is a webcomic following a bunch of hopeless dorks facing their own individual hurdles. Originally a hobby project by an unemployed couple killing time in-between job applications, Blaster Nation is now the main focus of the newly married couple. It updates every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. 

Leslie Brown. A 23 year old artist and general enthusiast of butts. Weapons of choice are a Wacom Intuous 4 tablet, Photoshop CS3, and literally 10 million varieties of pen and pencils. Extremely shy and rarely talkative, she practices in all forms of art and spends most of her free time reading comics and rolling her fat chihuahua, Maggie.

Brad Brown. A 26 year old writer and professional jerk. Provides the blog entries and any other form of text visible on the site, as well as on the official BN tumblr, twitter, and facebook. Occasionally will stream dumb Japanese video games for your entertainment. A notorious gaming hipster. Avoid talking to him about DmC: Devil May Cry at all costs.

Brad and Leslie can be contacted through any of the various social network links on the right sidebar, or through their email:


(Special thanks to The Chron for originally getting our site started, Erin Burt of Metacarpolis for keeping our site working, Chloe of Go Get a Roomie for giving us our big break, and Jojo of Hiveworks for keeping us alive.)