186) Nostalgia Glasses
Posted May 29, 2013 at 02:00 am


Really proud of how Leslie did this one. Will probably turn this one into a print. Hell, might have to make a few more prints, because Leslie and I have a CONVENTION to go to!
So, awhile back we planned three conventions. Screwattack, Connecticon, and Mechacon. Unfortunately, one of my teeth exploded, so we had to rush to the dentist and drop a ludicrous amount of money and tooth repair. That sucked a lot and ate up most of our con money, so Screwattack and Mechacon are now out of the picture. HOWEVER, CONNECTICON IS 100% CONFIRMED. Leslie and I, as well as pretty much the ENTIRE HIVEWORKS CREW, will be attending Connecticon! We'll be doing commissions, selling prints, hosting panels, and generally be hanging around to talk and play Animal Crossing/Monster Hunter with! We're going to be hanging out with tons of fans and tons of Hiveworks artists and it's going to be the coolest thing ever and oh my god we are SO HYPED. I HAVE NEVER BEEN FURTHER THAN TENNESSEE THIS IS THE COOLEST AAAHHHHHHH
Anyways, enough about that. See you Friday!