25) Oh Baby
Posted August 21, 2011 at 07:23 am

Look, our second update this week! This whole twice-a-week update thing is going pretty� smoothly� for our first week! It kinda makes the wait to post more comics a little unbearable, though. Especially since we have comics ready. See, we used to spend the whole week working on the comic and then post it on Sunday when it was finally done. Right now though, we’ve got a handful of comics done and we keep making new ones while posting what’s done. But having these comics done, ready and waiting for posting…OH, IT’S SO TEMPTING! If I could just shove all our comics at you, I would. Oh god, I would. But alas, it cannot be~

Me and Leslie have been on a movie marathon. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Redline, and Dead Leaves in one night. Planet of the Apes was great with a number of really clever tie-ins to the original movies that made me happy. Redline was so beautiful, and I recommend it to everyone who even has a passing interest in shit that looks awesome. Dead Leaves….well, there probably isn’t much more that can be said about Dead Leaves. It’s Dead fucking Leaves. How we hadn’t seen it any sooner is a complete failure on our parts.

OH RIGHT THE COMIC. Yeah, I’m still kind of writing these pages like they were one-shot pages. One big problem I have with webcomics is lots of spread out pages over time that really just amount to one conversation or scene in a comic. Not sure if I went over this before, but I tried writing the first 23 pages like they were their own scene. They begin, they have a middle, and they end, appropriately setting up the next scene. With these new pages, they’re easier to do and we can devote more time to the art, but it’s slightly harder for me because, well, I don’t want to leave the reader hanging or having them get bored. We’re trying to write this more like how a normal comic should read, but I just can’t see it like that since these pages are only being uploaded one every three/four days. I know if I was reading parts of a conversation for several weeks, I would get bored and drop this comic like Cartoon Network dropped Problem Solverz. So I’m just trying to figure out how to write these slower scenes in an entertaining way that doesn’t cut off and leave you hanging every update. Give me time, I’ll figure something out. At the very least, you always have Leslie’s awesome art!

Anyways, that’s enough writing for now. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY