471) Happy New Year
Posted December 31, 2015 at 10:47 pm

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! 2015 was FUCKING AMAZING for us, and I hope it was just as good for you! But I'll talk more about that later.

Sorry to do this, but I have to begin this year on a bit of a downer. Unfortunately, Freeglass will not be inking any more pages for us. The truth of the matter is that we can't afford to keep him around. Don't get me wrong, the Patreon is doing just fine and you guys reading Blaster Nation have been a huge help. 2015 was amazing for us because of you! But 2016 is looking a little scary for us. We now have an expensive healthcare insurance bill each month that roughly costs as much as it did to pay Freeglass, and we're expecting to owe a metric fuckton in taxes. We can definitely manage it, but we can't afford to keep Freeglass on, pay this new monthly bill, AND save up for taxes. Maybe in the future, we'll be able to bring him back on. But for now, everybody go give Freeglass your love for the 79 amazing pages he worked on! He deserves it!

While that is in fact a total bummer, I just want to reiterate that you guys made this the best year of our lives. Seriously, we've done 106 Blaster Nation pages this year, along with 132 Rock Cocks pages and 18 Tissue Box pages. 256 pages in 365 days across 3 different comics! I think that's PRETTY DAMN GOOD. And we couldn't have done it without your support! Thank you so much for sticking with us these last few years, and I hope you'll look forward to our continuing comic adventures in 2016. We still gotta see what Ash and Rinnie are up to, after all. Maybe find out what Dan's job is. Probably kill off Matt. WHO KNOWS WHERE THE FUTURE WILL TAKE US?

Anyway, that's all for 2015! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!