95) Mr. Wu's Cultural Novelties
Posted June 16, 2012 at 03:47 am

God damn, was this page painful to do for both of us. Sketching, coloring, detailing, every part of it sucked to do. But boy, do I think it looks good. And if anything, it’s WAY out of our comfort zone of apartments and anime figures. I think we’re doing good on introducing unique settings so you guys aren’t just looking at the same shot of the same apartment backdrop every chapter.

So good news! I found my old EZ capture card for video recording! It’s basically a USB card you plug into your computer that you can hook shit into, like for instance, video game consoles. Leslie and I used to be fairly decent streamers back in the day, playing obscure Japanese PS2 games and commenting over shitty video game movies. It’s kind of been awhile since we’ve done that, but I think we can recreate that same magic. I don’t think we’re really big enough for a livestream yet, but maybe we can at least do some youtube videos. Would you guys be interested in us playing weird games and commenting on dumb anime? Because those are the two ideas I have for us now, making fun of anime and playing games. Which would you rather see; the anime, or the video games? I know I’ve brought up several youtube ideas in the past, none of which got off the ground, but hey, we’ve actually done this kind of thing before so it can’t be too hard to do it again!

That’s all for today, though. I gotta stop procrastinating and start coloring the next couple pages. See you all on Wednesday!