Holiday Bonus 2) Another Year
Posted December 28, 2012 at 02:00 am

And here we are, the last Blaster Nation page of 2012. Leslie's going to be spending a week or so at her parents to babysit her neice, so Blaster Nation will resume on the 6th of January, just in time to make it back for BN's SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 

So yeah, this page is just to give you guys a taste of how your favorite characters are spending their last few days in 2012. Unless of course, your favorite characters are Curt, Jenny, and Tort, in which case, what the hell is wrong with you. A lot of these characters have been missing for a whole year, so that's got to change. Last week's Christmas comic was a HUGE success. So HUGE, it ended up breaking literally every site we associate with due to oncoming traffic. Whoops! But yeah, we'll definitely try to do more like that with the other characters before we jump right back into another chapter. 
As far as everything else goes, all but one of our commissions are now complete! Leslie sunk back in to her old vice of The Sims. Leslie's super hardcore when it comes to video games, but dammit, she loves The Sims. Hell, I remember my old Sim addiction back in the day, but Leslie's fucking CRAZY with it. But it's okay, I got Super Scribblenauts, so even I can indulge in some CASUAL gaming like her. Seriously, though, Super Scribblenauts is pretty damn good. Perfect game for a writer like me who is also a giant dick. I can never go with the most obvious answer, I have to try to stretch my imagination while also be kind of a douche. For instance, one old lady in the game was complaining that she was tired of standing up! Well, thanks to the new ability to add adjectives to people, I made her a "legless" old lady. Problem solved! No more standing! Surprisingly, it worked, and I love the game for it.
But that's all for now, I'm going to go play more of it. See you in 2013!