posted 04-17-2015 at 12:00 am

Federico's been really killin' these inks on Blaster Nation Babies.

Things are winding down as far as Kickstarter stuff goes. Got another batch of twenty books to mail out tomorrow. Got a bunch of Blaster Nation pages written. Learning new Ren'py stuff every day. Even managed to do some laundry! Meanwhile, Leslie's been busting ass with BN pages, RC pages, and a whole lot of book personalizations. Busy busy, we are CONSTANTLY busy. I gotta find some time to finish Bloodborne. THERE'S SO MANY BLOODBORNE-RELATED THINGS I WANT TO READ UP ON. Just gotta beat the game first. The sky and the cosmos are one.

Eh, that's about it for now. Expect a new RC sometime this week probably. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK.

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