posted 10-01-2014 at 12:00 am

It's October it's October IT'S FINALLY OCTOBER, JUST ONE MORE DAY UNTIL SMASH 4 (and 8 more days until Leslie's birthday!)

Well, October is honestly starting off to not be TOO great, despite those two really great things coming up. Leslie's laptop has been blue-screening and overheating like crazy due to some HDD issues, and my mouse has been crapping out on me. Two things we're gonna have to replace. Right now we had a floor fan pointed directly at Leslie's laptop to keep it cool. Makes Leslie's fingers a bit chilly, but eh, it's a band-aid fix until we can do a Slipshine story to cover those things (If you're wondering why I can buy Smash and not the other stuff, it's because I traded in a bunch of games to get it. Nothing anyone gifted us, of course). 

All the blue-screening and work has made it a liiiittle difficult for us to stream like we said we would. We'll try again later tonight if nothing ends up distracting us. Or hell, maybe we'll stream tomorrow, do a big Smash stream to gear up for Smash 4. That seems kinda fun. Or if you guys would rather us do a normal weird-ass Japanese game, we'll do that instead. Either way, SOMETHING will be streamed.

That's all for now. See you on Friday if I'm not SMASHING IT UP

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