posted 09-12-2014 at 12:00 am

That's one mystery solved.

Thanks to one of our lovely fans, WE GOT THE SMASH DEMO. 

Here's my thoughts on each of the five characters.

Megaman: Kinda tricky! His moveset isn't quite as versatile as I'd have liked it to be. Some of his specials are just outright useless, like Leaf Shield which MIGHT block projectiles if you're lucky. He still FEELS like Megaman, which is amazing in its own right, and he's still fun to play as. The only thing really hampering my enjoyment on him is the inability to turn off stick-jumping, because I can't shoryuken for shit otherwise.

Mario: GOOD. Mario's a fucking powerhouse now. Speed and strength are at fucking Melee levels, and the FLUDD can actually push people far enough away that it actually matters. Still would like old Mario Tornado back instead, but that's what Dr. Mario is for. Love that his cape makes the Super Mario World noise. 

Link: ACTUALLY GOOD FOR ONCE. Way more powerful, all of his projectiles have been buffed, and his new dash attack is fucking great. For once in Smash history, Link might actually be a contender. He's basically Megaman's worst nightmare, since his Hylian shield automatically blocks all projectiles. 

Pikachu: Pikachu's always been pretty good. He's gotten some interesting changes though, like his thunder attack starting where the screen ends instead of this consistent measurement like the past games. He feels faster than ever now.

Villager: Biggest surprise for me, since I didn't play him/her at the Best Buy demo. Villager is Leslie's favorite (for obvious reasons) and I'm just shocked at how wonderful the moveset is here. Like, there's some genuinely neat shit. Tree-planting is great for edge-guarding, smash attacks are surprisingly powerful, and god DAMN do I love pocketing shit. A lot of people claim Villager's OP, but I dunno. He/she's definitely up there, but I wouldn't say they're broken or anything. Tough but manageable, and really fun to play AND fight against.

WELP GONNA GO PLAY SOME MORE. See you on Wednesday! 

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