posted 04-19-2014 at 12:00 am

So I accidentally beat Dark Souls II. Went to fight some weird boss in an ugly room, turned out to be the final boss. A really easy, disappointing boss, followed by an equally disappointing single ending. Nope, no two endings this time like the other games, just the one. 

Dark Souls II is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I'd probably rate it as my least favorite of the DS games. Not that it was bad or anything. I definitely got my money's worth out of it, having dumped 80 hours into it before accidentally beating the game. There's definitely some improvements in the combat and some of the general mechanics, but I found the story, the atmosphere, the setting...everything else just seemed lacking. There wasn't as much of a mystery to this game, nothing to really strike you with awe. The only intriguing part of the lore was how things may have possibly connected to the characters and settings of Dark Souls. There was nothing truly amazing in the game, like the reveal of Lady Gwynevere, or anything incredibly bizarre, like running into Frampt or the crow in Firelink Shrine. The world wasn't nearly as fun to explore, and was actually kinda cramped most of the time. Even seemingly open areas have ways to confine you. 

I also wasn't really pleased with the difficulty curve in the game. Some of the tougher bosses are only really tough because of how unbelievably cheap they are. I know, I know, "git gud", but compare Kalameet to Ancient Dragon. Kalameet had a huge arena, a diverse moveset, and was challenging as hell. He was probably one of the most fun fights in the game, while being a huge intimidating dragon that could easily kill you. Ancient Dragon, however, has about three moves, and each one kills you in one hit. That one-hit kill takes up half the arena. There's ways to help that, sure, Gyrm's Greatshield and all, but it's still a shitty, annoying fight. Darklurker's also a pain in the ass, too. I like to avoid magic in my Souls games because I love the melee combat so much, but Dark Souls II made me question why I even bother. Trying to melee-kill Darklurker is about as fun as watching a DarksydePhil stream, especially when you have to go through Havel and the Havelettes every fucking time, spending a human effigy to even get a chance to fight them. Point is, Dark Souls/Demon's Souls had a great balance between difficult and fun. Dark Souls II is just difficult without any fun.

At least the PVP was fun.

ANYWAYS, IT'S EASTER. Go eat some chocolate or somethin'. See you on Wednesday!

PS. The entirity of Leslie Beats Pokemon Snap is up on youtube now! Go check it out! 

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