posted 03-31-2015 at 12:00 am

Man, that's cute and all, but I GOT SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU GUYS.

So, long-time Blaster Nation fans probably aren't going to be surprised by this announcement. I've talked about how I've wanted to make one of these things for quite some time now, but I've finally been able to crack down and do some work. Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to present:

Set just a few weeks after the first three chapters, Blaster Nation: Dating Simulation is a project I've been hard at work at for the past few weeks now. It'll be running on Ren'py and will probably be out sometime super late this year (expect delays). But you know what? The plot has been thoroughly outlined. The routes have been completely laid out. And I've studied up on several Ren'py tutorials. We've got everything we need to make this game...

...except money.

We need $70,000 to make this dating sim happen, and only you can help.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why the hell do you need $70,000 to make a dating sim?" "Isn't Ren'py a free engine?" "Is it a bad idea to run a second Kickstarter when you haven't even finished fulfilling your first one?" "You're not just going to quit this project later when game development proves to be too difficult, are you?" All of them good, valid questions. But let me ask you this: Who wants to date the Blaster Nation characters and see them NAKED?

Guided by the former Tissue Box hosts (y'know, that other comic we used to do), you'll explore the town of Sucre Marron and date the entirety of the main cast! Dan, Kim, Matt, Ash, Rinnie, Derrick, Hai...even some secret ones! There are TWELVE routes in total, each with a number of CGs and scenarios! Some funny, some cute, some LEWD! Of course, if you're not into lewd, you can toggle it off. And amazingly enough, the story fits right into the canon of Blaster Nation. You, the player, will play a prominent role in many of these characters lives.

We have some amazing backer rewards for the Kickstarter! You can see your name in the credits! You can get a cameo spot within the game! ...That's it, really. Anything else would kind of cut into development costs. But for the people with money to spare, there's the $10,000 tier reward tier! Whoever backs at that level will be named the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! You don't get any say on the development of the game, but hot damn, putting the words "Executive Producer" on a resume is bound to look good, even if it's some cheap webcomic dating sim. You can leave that part out.

Remember, the only way this game can happen is if we hit our Kickstarter goal of $70,000. We can't do it without YOU!

If you want to play the Blaster Nation game of your dreams, then pledge your support! Click the link below to check out the Kickstarter!

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