151) Awaken!
posted Feb.23.13 at 02:00 am

Yeah, this is mostly just a page to get the plot going. Nice art, lacking in dialogue. These pages will be a lot more bearable when we're doing three updats a week, WHICH SHOULD BE SOON!

Oh hey, did you guys hear about this PS4 thing that got announced? I'm pretty late on commenting on it despite watching the stream when it happened. There wasn't really anything exciting enough for me to jump on tumblr and write a huge blog post about it. We got some unnecessary sequels, a ton of pre-rendered trailers, and 10 minutes of car porn. People are upset about the lack of females on stage for some reason, but Leslie and I are both infinitely more offended at the jeans-and-blazers uniform that Sony seemed to enforce. But yeah, nothing really caught my eye. Bungie's Destiny seemed like it was just a retelling of Halo, I couldn't even tell you how Killzone 4 is any different from the last three, and I cared more about the super sad announcer for Infamous 3 than Infamous 3 itself. The streaming/share feature for PS4 seems kinda neat, I guess? I like streaming. I should stream stuff at some point.

I've also been playing a ton of Metal Gear Rising. A lot of people have been complaining about the 5 hour run time, but uh, I dunno if I'm fucking up or what because I've been playing for at least 8 hours now. Maybe 10. And I've only just beaten the third boss. I'm thinking that maybe people just see the game clock that only counts successful runs and not continues, and just assuming that's the full amount of time they've played without considering the full time they've spent with the game, maybe? Then again, I'm using stealth, occasionally grinding for upgrades, playing VR Missions, and listening to a LOT of codec conversations (which are genuinely great), so maybe that's making my gametime so much longer. I'm savoring this game as much as possible and enjoying every minute of it, outside one extremely cringe-worthy scene (Time for Jack...to LET 'ER RIP) which was still cheesey enough for me to love. It plays like a Platinum game and feels like a Kojima game, and that's what I wanted and that's what I got. It's not DMC or even DmC, it's its own cool little thing and I love it.

And I'm spent. See you next update!

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