154) Toys in the Drawer
posted Mar.05.13 at 02:00 am


So, writing is pretty easy. It's mostly just me thinking about writing for ten hours, and then actually writing for ten minutes. I feel pretty shitty since it leaves me with a lot of downtime. I feel like I should be doing more with the time I spend not writing, since it takes Leslie quite awhile to make these pages look amazing. SO, I was thinking of picking up one of the many game-development kits now available on Steam!

RPG Maker has always interested me, and I would love the chance to make some sort of Blaster Nation game where you can explore Sucre Marron and talk with the characters and do stupid video game stuff. I'm not really a programmer at all, so something slightly easier to learn would be the best...and that's why RPG Maker VX Ace caught my eye. It seems simple enough, and what do you know, it just happened to go on sale today! But then I see the DLC tileset packs, which are all $20 or more and that's a bit scary. I know we'd want to create our own tilesets and sprites, but they seem like they contain a lot of resources that would be really helpful...

If you guys know anything about game creating software, is RPG Maker VX Ace worth the price, plus the DLC? Should I looks towards another piece of gaming software? I'd love to do other genres, since I know RPG-walk-around elements have also shown up in other webcomics that shall not be named. Or should I just give this up and go play some actual video games?

In other news, Leslie and I have been watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai and oh my god it is just too cute. It's Leslie's favorite new anime and it's definitely up there with me and god damn everything about is just so energetic and adorable, fuck. Rikka is Leslie's waifu. I like the pillow girl, and I relate so much to DARKU FLAMEA MASTAH that it's scary. People keep saying how they relate to the characters in Blaster Nation, BUT FUCK, NOW I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL AAAHHHH

Aaand that's it. Tune in Friday for ANOTHER UPDATE WHOOOAAAA


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