Guest Comic 15) Nalem and Spanio Part 1
posted Oct.12.13 at 02:00 am

Well, this has to be a first! Our good friends Nalem and Spanio over at Lighter Than Heir has made not one, not two, but FIVE guest comics, making it into a full-on guest mini-story!  Since they're cool enough to do such an amazing thing, I figured we'd dedicate the whole week to this amazing little mini-story they've cooked up! It's five updates, so expect some new pages even on our not-update days! 

Unfortunately, this kind of eats up the rest of our guest comic spots. We really don't want to push our vacation any further than this! After this mini-story, Leslie and I are BACK IN BUSINESS! We'll start uploading again on the 23rd! Mark it on your calenders!

Now, there were still a lot of guest comics sent to us that we didn't get to post on the site. I'm really sorry about that! So instead, why don't I show you guys right here in this blog post? Thank you all so much for sending us such amazing guest comics, and even though a lot of you didn't get put up on the main site, I hope you'll stick around for the next time we need a break!


Greg Miller (no comic, just an awesome guy)


Sean (Dragonaur)


Dread Pirate Arbuthnot (Oathkeeper)



Matthew (NSFW)


Jim (Epic Max)


Caden (Reigns Reverie)


I think that's all of them! If I'm forgetting your guest comic, let me know by email or whatever!

Now to watch Leslie play Pokemon. SEE YOU ON TUESDAY!


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