Guest Comic 22) Zack Turner
posted May.17.14 at 02:00 am

Finally, Sparkling Miracle Country: Blaster Nation gets a decent localization!

Today's guest comic comes from one of our best webcomic buddies, Zack Turner. He does what is probably the single most unique zombie comic on the internet, a little gem called Unlife. He's an incredibly talented artist and an all around great guy. Follow his tumblr, check out his patreon, scope the game company he's working with, basically, just give Zack some love. He's a great guy and he needs that love. I love you Zack. Bro love. 

KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Postcards all almost finished, meaning we're almost done with the rewards! Amazon Payments account information has been verified. All we have to do now is make a video, finish designing the page, and LAUNCH IT. We're aiming for sometime in the next two weeks, so expect delays! If something doesn't mess up, though, that's also be cool! 

You'll get an actual page from us coming up on Wednesday! See you then! 

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