297) Polka All Night Long
Posted April 22, 2014 at 02:00 am

And thus, another Blaster Nation chapter comes to a close (for real this time). Did you guys enjoy it? I can't believe we've done ten of these now. 

So, if you follow the Blaster Nation social networks, you'll notice we recently took commissions so we can actually go to the Screwattack Gaming Convention this year. We went to you guys for help, and oh my god, did you guys help HARD. Not only did we fill up on commissions almost IMMEDIATELY, but you guys ordered enough stuff to not only pay for the hotel fee but also badges and even a little bit of gas money! You guys are FUCKING AMAZING! We've only been able to attend SGC once back in 2011 and it was probably one of the best times we've ever had at a convention. Now we can finally go back, and it's all thanks to YOU! I swear, we better meet some BN fans so we can hang out, play games, and riff on bad movies together. 

If you missed out on the commission slots, then don't worry! Leslie feels like she's gonna finish these commissions quickly and will probably open up again so we can have even more spending money (she really wants to a buy a Miku figure at the con). If that doesn't happen, then we'll open up again as a reward tier for our future Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more info!

Next Blaster Nation chapter starts Friday!  See you then!