299) Spring Break
Posted April 26, 2014 at 02:00 am

I swear, between wasps and ghosts, it's always something with these three.

So this happened.

Can't tell you anything just yet cause it's a SECREEEET. But it's really exciting and I get to work with a lot of amazing people and rule over everything. Leslie's not involved with this thing (yet, maybe), but it's okay! She's got her own SECREEEET project we'll announce later! I'm sorry if this is too many secrets and your poor little heart can't take the suspense. These are all awesome things though, and will hopefully lead to even MORE things in the future! 

Man, I got nothing to talk about tonight besides that. You wanna hear something REALLY not interesting? I just bought myself a big bag of Funyuns. See, Funyuns are my favorite chips ever. They're fucking DELICIOUS. But I always felt ripped off because they only ever fill the bags halfway. The rest of the bag is just air. It's a rip-off. Plus, they were expensive, so I started buying Pringles. Pringles come in 80 different flavors so there's bound to be a good one, and a single container always lasted me for awhile. But then recently, Leslie's family had a party and they had Funyuns there (and that's how you know it's a real party). And now I'm treating myself to a big-ass bag of Funyuns. I've earned this. There's no joke at the end of this, I just really fucking missed Funyuns. Welcome back to my life, you stupid onion ring chips.